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The Secret to Dream Interpretation: Unlocking Your Dreams

Dream Interpretation

Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean? What does it mean when I dream about a white elephant? What does that symbolize? Why do I have recurring dreams of someone I don’t know? The answers to these questions are often right in front of us, we just need to know where to look. Dreams offer messages from our unconscious mind, and if we can understand them, they can offer up valuable insights into who we are, the things we fear or desire, and how we feel about ourselves and those around us. Here are some tips for unlocking your dreams.

Understanding Dreams

During the third week of the Chinese calendar (in the spring), we usually have a full moon, and during this time, we dream more often, says Dr. Brian Weiss, author of The Central Consciousness Dictionary and co-director of the New York Consciousness Research Institute. That’s because dreams are interpreted according to lunar phases—people have a higher frequency of dreams during a full moon, which aligns with higher-level functions such as the dreams that are focused on a creative idea, say, or the dreams that are about solving a problem or resolving a conflict, which is an area that people feel most comfortable at work on. In addition, dreams are characterized by vivid imagery and change over time, which are hallmarks of that third week.

Understanding Dream Symbols

The best place to start is to decipher what symbols you’re seeing, and how those symbols relate to your life. A good place to start is with the Dream Interpretation Checklist, developed by Ken Wilber, which is available free on his website. The Checklist offers up a list of things to look for in a dream, which you can then understand by doing some detailed digging online. Here are some of the more common symbols: The usual suspects: Death, birth, money, change, etc. Men, women, animals, things, concepts, time, environment, things that you think and wish you’d done differently in the past, people you are afraid of, etc. The positive signs: Power, friends, your ego, your spiritual side, etc. Emotions: Anger, fear, sadness, anticipation, joy, etc.

Dream Meanings by Type of Symbol

The common symbols for dreams can give us a good overview of the symbolism in our dreams. But once you start to explore the different types of symbols, you will realize that each symbol will have a different meaning. What you think of as a dream symbol may not necessarily be a symbol of your dream. Here are some of the main symbols. The Tree in dreams generally mean emotions such as love, jealousy, anger, excitement, and frustration. The Man with the Red Scarf In dreams, the man with the red scarf symbolizes the meaning of passion and obsession. The man is surrounded by bright lights and noise, the symbolizes the way that we are, and how we usually perceive things. You can also symbolize the way you react to emotions. The thief symbolizes fear.


Animals often have different meanings than what people think. In particular, if you dream about an animal like a cat or dog, you may be attracted to someone with that personality or energy. If you have recurring dreams about an animal, you might be subconsciously drawn to someone with certain characteristics and attitudes. A dream with an animal in it may symbolize fear. Dreams with the wind are often linked to worries or problems we have regarding the outside world. If you dream of being outside and the wind is blowing, you might be feeling uncertain about your place or the future. A good dream interpretation is to ask yourself what the wind symbolizes and whether you are worried about something going on in your life.


If you can visualize a dream building, it usually means that the dream has some connection to the past. It’s possible that you are seeing something you once experienced, or something that may have been in the future that you may encounter again in the dream. People in your dreams often show you your fears. You might have an aversion to someone in your dream that is a part of your daily life or something that you’ve encountered in real life. Alternatively, you might be dreaming about someone you’ve become friends with, and dream about meeting up again. Promises If you can see a promise, like you will get something or someone, it’s a sign that you’re close to attaining your goal. When we are feeling good, dream of what we have always wanted.


Dreaming about numbers, or any sequence of numbers, can tell you about how you feel about numbers. When you dream about a combination of numbers, you might be feeling uncertain about your job, for example. In your dream, you may feel insecure about your ability to do the job well. You are having a gut feeling that this job is not for you, so in the dream, you notice that you are having a difficult time handling the numbers. When you dream about a sequence of numbers with no number in the middle, you are in a number-heavy environment. You know the sequence, but can’t remember the number of the sequence. Sometimes, these are simple; for example, when you wake up and notice you are wearing a blue tie. Or, you may be in the company of colleagues, but you can’t remember their names.


Think about what you can see in your dream. Have you seen something that you don’t see in your waking life? For example, the last time you were in an airplane, was that dream a dream of flying? Were you dreaming of a friend or loved one? Do your dreams involve famous people? Is your name mentioned? Perhaps the object you saw was a vehicle? Did you walk up to the vehicle and ask it to get you where you are going? These clues can help you to determine what your dream is about. Symbols are just another type of message your brain receives. Like objects, symbols can show us what we are craving and how we feel about something. Many people interpret dreams with the help of symbolism. Symbols often represent people or experiences in our lives that will shape our future.

Dream Meanings by Emotion

According to ancient wisdom traditions, dreaming is the way our brain deciphers unconscious signals sent by the limbic system that runs from the brain stem to the pituitary gland and part of the hypothalamus. The limbic system is one of the most complex and dynamic parts of the brain. It is responsible for controlling our primal emotions and drives, such as hunger and thirst. It also coordinates the body’s breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate. All of these body processes come together in the limbic system, and when you dream, your brain goes into automatic pilot. It deciphers unconscious messages sent by the limbic system. The messages are called “dream themes.” There are many different dream themes or interpretations.

More Tips on How to Interpret Your Dreams

How to Prepare for Your Dream Interpretation What happens when you dream of your own funeral? By the way, you don’t have to dream about yourself in order to benefit from this information. People of all ages can use this information, regardless of whether they have any kind of diagnosis or whether they are trying to achieve something in life. The information in this article has been tested and validated. I am a professional dream analyst and I have worked with hundreds of people over the years. It has been helpful to them, and you may find that it will also help you. Enjoy!

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