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Dream Analysis

Your Dreams have Meaning in your Life

India's Famous Dream Analyst: Understand What Your Dreams Mean

Dream Analysis

Dreams are a powerful tool when it comes to understanding your subconscious and how it works. Dreams can be such an incredible experience, but most of the time, we don’t know what they mean. We might think that our dreams are random and meaningless, but studies show that this isn’t the case at all. There is actually a meaning behind every dream. Here, we analyze what your dreams mean – so you can understand what is happening under the surface of your mind.

Dreams are one of the things in the world that no individual on earth is devoid of its experience. Very much so, the same has remained a massive topic of mystery for psychologists and scientists all around the globe. Even us, ordinary masses, keep trying to know what these dreams mean, and the mystery behind them. Why do dreams occur? Are they metaphorical reflections of our life? Do our dreams have a hidden meaning? 

In the following article, we shall deal with a few commonly derived interpretations of dreams. But first, let us talk about what dreams are?

Though there does not exist a concrete definition for what precisely can a dream be, it is often ascertained to be the way your brain processes feelings, emotions, and situations you tend to encounter in real life. And, in simple layman language, it can be said to be a story we create while we sleep, and it can be fun, romantic, adventurous, or bizarre. Let us now know some of the common interpretations that relay the meaning of your dreams.

Dreams of falling

Almost everyone has had a dream of falling off a high place. This might be a metaphorical reflection of your real-life situations where you feel you are falling behind or off a position. This might be because you feel you are lacking in some aspects and are thus facing a failure through fall.

Dreams of death or someone dying

Experiencing a dream of a loved one dying or yourself, can be quite tormenting individually. But, the reason behind it can be because you are not quite prone to adapting to changes in life. Such dreams can also be experienced by individuals who are closer to experiencing death in real life, or are on the verge of dying. Such dreams come off as rather comforting than disturbing for those who experience it at that instant of life. 

Dreams of being naked in public

Have you ever dreamt of reaching your school, office, workplace, etc in your birthday suit? Well, you are not the only one to experience such dreams. It is said that having such a dream can be symbolic of the fact that you are afraid of letting people know of some of the insecurities you own, and do not want to come off guard in front of others. 

Dreams of taking a test

It has often been so that you are sitting in an examination hall, answering a test paper which either goes amazing, or you are not able to finish it on time. Whatever might the final consequence be seen in your dreams, it is interpreted that a dream of taking a test might be so because you have a test approaching, not quite literally, but in any facet or aspect of life where you think you have to prove your capability and mark your presence. 

Dreams of being chased

Do you often find yourself running away from something in your dreams? That is most probably because in real life, you are trying to evade something and are avoiding to face it upfront. But often these interpretations can vary based on who is chasing you. If it is someone of the opposite sex, it might be an indicative of you being afraid of love and relationships in life. If it is an animal who is the pursuer during your chase dream, it can be an indicator of underlying passion. 

Dreams that are recurring

There are often cases where an individual experiences dreams that run along similar lines most of the time. This can be an indicator of the presence of an unresolved issue in your life, and it can be quite stressful to encounter so many times during sleep. 

Now, we come to question the validity of our dreams’ meaning. Do dreams really mean anything?

There have been many theorists who laid down their ideas about analysis and interpretation of dreams. In Sigmund Freud’s book ‘the Interpretation of Dreams’, he wrote that subconscious desires are hidden behind our dreams. As Freud says, the dreamer can decipher these dreams by reverse engineering the dream-work their brains had been carrying out. This particular inspection can in turn, help them know the concealed emotions and desires in themselves. 

Solve the mysteries of your dreams

“Know the meaning of your dreams through Dream Analysis (“Swapna Vigyan”), and solve the complexities of life by understanding the signals given by nature.”

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Dreams seen at night show our real face, which we keep hidden in the name of civilization during the day, sometimes dreams give accurate warnings about our health or career. Dream analysis services tells what your dreams mean.

Our team of experienced dream analysts will analyze your dreams and give you a personal interpretation – so you can understand what is happening under the surface of your mind.

Dream analysis is a type of divine science, it is a symbolic secret subject, which is accurately examined only under the auspices of the subject expert, for the solution of doubts and upliftment of the person, its accuracy is a matter of self-realization.

The remedies given by us are not expensive, there have deep spiritual secrets behind them, whose purpose is to increase your faith, and morale.