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Palm Reading

Palm is the visible part of your mind

Uncover the Mystery of Palmistry

There has never been conceived or made by man any machine, instrument or contrivance capable of such a diversity of usefulness as the human hand nothing has ever existed with such infinite adaptability to various needs or capable of being trained to such degree of of dexterity and versatility. Palm Lines have not been traced without cause in the hands of men, they evidently emanate from the influence of heaven, and from human individuality.
Dr. Laxmikant Tripathi ji

वेद कहते हैं स्वयं को जानो, और स्वयं को जानने का सबसे सरल मार्ग है हस्तरेखा विज्ञान

the organ of organs, and the instrument of instruments

PALMISTRY- A path towards blissful life

From the beginning of the time, human mind is always curious to know about the future. Every human being wants to know what will happen tomorrow or what will be the future consequences of the actions being performed in the present. By nature, all of us do Karma but only Palmistry science can tell the time when the results of our Karma will appear.

Many times people are curious to know if there are any ways of getting positive results for taking no action or choosing the wrong path. Answer to this is “No”;  because Karma is the actual canvas which draws the portrait of our future. Good Karma or deeds will get us good results while bad Karma or bad deeds will give bad results- just like gravitational force pulls everything downward so are bad karmas which has tendency to take one towards downward spiral.

Astrology is the third eye of Vedas. Astrological calculations are based on pure mathematics and so the lines on the palm, this fact is accepted even by scientist fraternity worldwide.
Whether it’s prediction of lunar eclipse/Solar eclipse, any astronomical event or events in an individual’s life, the Panchang ( Hindu Calendar) and horoscope prepared by our scholars never goes wrong.

But what if someone does not know the details of his/her birth – date/time/place etc ; it becomes difficult to prepare the horoscope and Get details about various aspects of his/her life. It happens only when people start thinking that man-made birth chart/ horoscopes are the only form of astrology. Aside from such man-made birth charts, God has provided other ways of predicting one’s future. Palm reading and analysis is one area of expertise which provides insights to our future using God created horoscope in our own palms. Hand reading analysis, which today is at its peak and is fully capable to predict and give details about every possible event in one’s life.   How is your nature, your health and your relationships? What should be your behavior? From time to time, with the help of palm reading through an expert, we can easily manage our life better and learn to live with time. Palm provides accurate information about your nature, relationships and health years before they actually begin to appear. With this purpose, our learned sages had instructed us to see our palms immediately after waking up in the morning. This was a big example of creating awareness in public health.

कराग्रे बसते लक्ष्मी करमध्ये सरस्वती।
करमूले तु  गोविंद प्रभाते कर दर्शनम।

Since changes in our palm color and lines give indication to our future – positive or negative / happy or sad; therefore, people who understand these indications and take proactive actions are able to prevent themselves from the sadness in life. Assuming astrology as just a medium of understanding future is same misnomer as thinking that the purpose of life is just to earn money. In life, one should enjoy music, nature and art while doing philanthropy, meditation, and discourses.

The Astrology science is like a beacon which shows us the true path to lead happy and successful life. It also encourages us to do good Karma and build good relationships by taking everyone’s interest into consideration.

Auspicious beginning and planetary contemplation are scientifically explained in astrology.  More importantly it teaches us time management and discipline. It also strengthens our belief system. For instance if we are given an option to choose day and time for an interview being fear bound we will like to delay citing lack of preparation but on the other hand if we are told that appearing for interview on a particular day and time has best chances of success then it surely will bounce our enthusiasm, our laziness ends, and we work with more vigor and concentration. Similarly, the remedies suggested to appease planets are actually ways to help us get rid of our bad habits.

During my talk shows on national television and radio, I always emphasize that the full power of palmistry is yet to be determined. This is such a sacred knowledge which has the capacity not only to prevent a person from ethical disgrace but also keep us away from social pitfalls. Through Palm reading of a child’s hand we can foretell from which bad habits he/she has to be protected from and what good personality traits they have which will make them successful and give recognition and prestige. These days we get our child’s eyes and teeth checked regularly, likewise we should also periodically get the palm reading done with the help of an expert.

In general the misconceptions about astrology are being spread by 3 categories of people-

Firstly, those who has not studied astrology and considers it to be a superstition.

Secondly, those who have studied astrology but because of being introverted and self -focused they were not able to spread the required awareness about this noble scince among the society.

Thirdly, those who after reading a few books believe themselves to be an expert and treat it as a profession by giving stones, rings, amulets and other similar products. Astrology is sacred. Without discipline, charity, and God’s mercy one cannot fully comprehend its deep and detailed secrets. Maybe true worshippers/believers fulfill their physical needs through astrology but this is not its true purpose.

The knowledge of Astrology is comparable to the vast sky. As per astrology we are connected to this universe “यत पिंड तत ब्रह्माण्डे ।“ Everything that is present in the universe is also present inside ourselves. This is why any falsehood, justice, demolition that occurs in the universe does not leave us unscathed. By our rightful and truthful heart, words, deeds will make our future brilliant and progressive. If all the world’s finances come to our bank account still we will not be happy till any person in our surroundings is sleeping with hunger.

In crux the astrology science spreads the sole message that instead of thinking too much about worries in life we should only be focused on doing good deeds in life. The unseen power which manages this universe- sun, stars, planets and nature in general will automatically protect us. One should work with peace, be conscious and live life happily and thank this divine power (GOD) always.

Solve the mysteries of your Palm lines

What Does Your Palm Say?
How does Palmistry predict your character, life and future events in your life?

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Frequently Asked Questions

God has created a wonderful horoscope in the palm of man, seeing which we can get accurate predictions about his health, relationship and prosperity, as well as prepare a roadmap for the solution of his future problems in time.
The remedies given by us are not expensive, there have deep spiritual secrets behind them, whose purpose is to increase your faith, and morale.
Yes, you can get counseling by visiting the office, or you can also get counseling by video or audio call from the comfort of your home.
Yes, with your education, labor, self-study, age, and with grace of almighty, there are gradual changes in them, which are seen by an expert in 3 months, and by a common man in 3 years, so in ancient times every person was advised to see his hand in the morning, so that he himself can understand the ups and downs in his life, so it is advisable to seek counseling again in 3 months.

The biggest document is your Palm, each palm is unique, no 2 palm’s can be the same in the whole earth, this is the biggest proof of the credibility of the palmistry, if you provide, the date of birth, your city, occupation, then these detail’s Helps to organise the data.

If possible, do not shake hands with anyone on the day you want to visit PalmVeda for hand reading, the sign made in your palm is your divine map.