About Dr.Laxmikant Tripathi

Dr Laxmi Kant Tripathi, born on 8th February 1968 at Banda in Uttar Pradesh, has a BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) degree in Ayurveda to his credit. He has been practicing for last 21 years and has been involved in many researches. Son of an erudite Sanskrit scholar and Ayurvedacharya Dr Krishna Gopal Tripathi, Dr Laxmi Kant Tripathi has continued the tradition of ancient knowledge that runs in his family.

His special interest lies in palmistry, dream analysis and spiritual motivation. Such was his zeal for learning the art and science of palmistry that he even visited lunatic asylums and prisons to study the palm lines of lunatics and criminals. As with any predictive science, the element of spiritual guidance is an integral part of the science of palmistry, and it is impossible to receive the intuition for correct prediction without the blessings of the Lord, which Dr Tripathi receives in abundance as a result of the spiritual penances he has undergone.

For his contribution to the field of palmistry, Dr Tripathi has been honored with various awards including) Jyotish Vachaspati, Samudrik Shiromani, Jyotish Aryabhatta etc. He has been regularly writing columns for leading newspapers like Navbharat Times and other periodicals. He has written about 200 articles so far and continues to write more. He has appeared on radio and TV programs broadcast by Akashvani and Door Darshan, Star News, Sahara Samay etc. He has completed over 200 episodes of his popular program on Yo-Music TV channel. He specializes in enhancing the subject’s willpower through palmistry-based guidance to attain success in life. He also suggests Ayurvedic remedies for physical ailments. He has a long list of successful predictions to his credit ranging from the common man to people in high places. He believes in being simple to achieve higher things in life.


"Incorporating religion in your innate behaviour makes you happy and strengthens the country, which is the greatest need of hour of the present era."

Dr.Laxmikant Tripathi