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About Dr.Laxmikant Tripathi

Dr. Laxmikant Tripathi, for the last 3 decades has dedicated his life into the revival and bringing mass awareness to the dispersing Astrology practice of “Palmistry”. Son of an erudite Sanskrit scholar and Ayurvedacharya Dr Krishna Gopal Tripathi, Dr Laxmi Kant Tripathi has continued the tradition of ancient knowledge that runs in his family. Dr. Tripathi is widely sought by personalities in different walks of life - politicians, writers, actors, businessmen, industrialists, spiritual personalities, IT Professionals etc. He has numerous successful predictions and recognitions to his credit for these gifted abilities. He specializes in enhancing the person's willpower through palmistry-based guidance to attain success in life. He has made it a mission of his life to re-invent and re-establish one of the oldest Vedic heritage, ‘PALMISTRY’. Dr. Laxmikant Tripathi’s efforts to make an occult science like Palmistry easily comprehensible and utilitarian for the people through his lifelong study and research is commendable. It is the result of his years of hard work and utmost dedication that he is considered among one of the foremost scholars of Palmistry all across the country today. Renowned author Dr. Amrita Pritam was so impressed by Dr. Laxmikant Tripathi ji’s knowledge of Palmistry that she dedicated an entire chapter to him in her book “ Kaya Ke Daaman Me”. In order to generate mass awareness about this ancient science among people, Dr. Tripathi organizes Annual Palmistry Day. He has been successfully conducting this event free of cost in the National Capital Region since last 4 years. With the changing and ever-demanding lifestyle of the modern society the stress and depression are common among masses. Dr. Tripathi through his lectures and interactive workshops is successfully helping eradicate this issue. To further support this, Dr. Tripathi successfully organized a seminar “Vedic Palmistry’s role in building a happy society” in Noida, NCR in February 2020. The seminar was attended by senior delegates of various organizations, political leaders as well as other members of society. IAS officer Ritu Maheshwari, CEO of Noida Authority, Chief Guest of the program, applauded Dr. Tripathi’s contribution to the society through Palmistry and holistic teachings. She also highlighted that Dr. Laxmikant Tripathi possess such a vast and practical knowledge of Palmistry which is rare to find anywhere else in the country. In the seminar, Dr. Tripathi continued to share gem of knowledge while answering participants questions regarding individual’s role towards building a progressive society, motivation, depression, happiness and relationship in general. Dr. Laxmikant Tripathi is actively working on various other social causes for the betterment of society. Dr. Tripathi is regularly invited by the asylums and state prisons authorities to help the downtrodden by providing them guidance and thereby ensuring those people do services to the society rather than go down the negative path. According to Dr. Laxmikant Tripathi, since the beginning of time, human beings have been curious to establish communication and harmony with the nature and to understand it. The Earth, Planet, Stars, living beings not only encompass a secret within themselves, but also assist in making human life simple. Astrology has a great contribution in explaining these relations between the human beings and nature, and Dr. Tripathi help people encompass it. The remedy for propitiation of nine planets suggested by Dr. Tripathi not only offer mental peace, but also makes us understand our social and practical responsibilities - These days Dr. Tripathi is engaged in research studies to determine similarities and relations between genome and palmistry, for which he is receiving commendable cooperation from the media and seekers alike. Dr. Laxmikant Tripathi is a strong advocate of environment preservation. Various State ministries and national forums have recognized Dr. Laxmikant Tripathi ‘s contribution for the generous social cause and bestowed him with awards. Dr. Tripathi had also authored several books including “Jeete Raho” and “Be healthy always”. Awards & Recognitions: Jyothish Shri Award 1996 by DGP Uttar Pradesh , Mystique India Award 1996 by Bharat Nirman Society, Improving Personal Effectiveness Award 2012 by Uttarakhand Administration Academy, Govt. of Uttarakhand Excellence in Palmistry award at Amar Ujala Mahakumbh 2019 by Honorable Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. Rising star 2017 award by Honorable Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Shri Keshav Prasad Maurya. Contribution to the Society: Dr. Laxmikant Tripathi ji has made incredible efforts for the mental upliftment and spreading peace in the society. He has made a commendable contribution in protecting the physical and mental health of people by bringing both disciplines closer after the study of Ayurveda and Palmistry. Through Ayurveda he has treated the physical defects and diseases of the masses and uses Palmistry to motivate people and unleash unlimited potential and energy in them. Dr. Tripathi has been serving in the field of Palmistry continuously for more than 25 years, thereby giving a new life to the lost tradition of Indian culture. Dr. Tripathi has touched every section of the society through his knowledge in the field of Palmistry and Ayurveda. His life journey has been on the path of enlightenment and wellness of mankind by using and spreading his wisdom.